Do You Need Water Well Installation Services?

Turn to Top Pump Service in Lubbock, TX

Is your water bill breaking the bank? Overpaying for water can be maddening, but the good news is you don't have to. The pro at Top Pump Service can install a well on your property in Lubbock, TX so you can draw your own water on demand.

When you hire us for water well installation services, we'll handle everything. We'll install the water pump, control block, tank, pressure switch and wiring. We can also install irrigation wells for farms or agricultural properties. Contact us today to learn more.

Signs it's time to replace your water well

When it's time for water well replacement services, you don't want to wait. A faulty well can lead to contaminated water that shouldn't be consumed. You should replace your water well if:

  • The water has a strange taste or odor
  • Your pump frequently turns on and off
  • The water level has dropped significantly
  • The water flow is inconsistent

Whether you need a full water well replacement or a first-time water well installation, Top Pump Service has got you covered. Call us today to schedule a water well installation.

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